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The Real User Targeting

Device targeting is so 2000. Today, we connect individuals based on…

location icon



GPS coordinates

moments icon



Location & context targeting (i.e. drive to store)

device ids icon

Device IDs



user profiles icon

User Profiles


From Adxperience DMP/Client Database

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Look Alike


Target Active Users lookalike / Content lookalike

demographics icon

Demographics / Behavior


We connect many 3rd party data providers

Massive Traffic Sources

For 1 to 1 Targeting

Large Global Inventory

Adxperience is connected to 20+ global mobile adxchanges bringing access to more than 10 billion events monitored daily on 300 000+ mobile websites / apps

Real Time Bidding

Every buying decision is made for an individual. Our DSP learns, identifies and buys according to pre-defined KPIs, CTR, Unique Exposures, Specific context and more…

Rich and Innovative Formats

Access to the most impacting banner formats with a focus on Video Ads and Native Ads (Inread, Outstream, Instream)

It’s Transparent and
It’s Safe

Full Media Control

Keep control of every media reached at every moment. Manage all media through white/blacklists to avoid misleading exposure

Branding That Performs

We analyze exposure & optimize brands’ KPIs in real time


CTR, in-banner engagement, completion rates, reach, unique exposure

Post-Impression & Post-Click

Bounce rate, unique users, session length on advertiser landing page…

Improve Customer Engagement

Work on 100% engagement-based models CPCV (cost per video completion rate), CPUV (cost per unique visitor), CPS (cost per user session time), CP2C (cost per 2nd click on interactive ad formats) and more!

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