Improve User Acquisition

Drive traffic that converts into Return On Advertising Spend

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Acquire New Users With High Engagement

The Aquisition Journey

We designed a platform that allows to digest data and optimize all kinds of engagement events thanks to simple processes

We Analyze

The client target audience to find the right targeting strategy

We Test

For a couple of weeks to get data

We Learn

From data and use proprietary algorithms to optimize each campaign

We Scale

As soon as we reach agreed KPIs. No cash burning

The Data Strategy

The system identifies data to build audience profiles & create strategies

Client Historical Data

Anonymous data used to attract power users


Internal DMP

More than 500 million user profiles used to capture lookalike users


3rd Party Data

To enrich ad requests and support decision-making


Live Data

To build ongoing optimization rules and profiles



Improve Customer Engagement

Combine different sources of traffic to generate a high volume of quality users. Define the right KPIs and track every single event. Analyze user profiles to better lookalike or deep target

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