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A Cutting-Edge Proprietary Mobile 
Ad-Tech Platform

Each Feature of the Platform Was Developed to Address Specific Needs


Advertisers, publishers and campaigns are centralized on a unique platform; campaign set-up and management processes are unified and easy. Everything is handled programmatically. This results in a considerable time and productivity gain.


Few levels of granularity in the set-up of each campaign ensuring that budget is distributed efficiently to create the best-performing trading strategies. Complex trading strategies can be set-up easily for the same campaign by playing with numerous factors while keeping a stringent monitoring of expenses.


The campaign set-up and management process have been optimized at every single stage ensuring a significant gain in productivity and a real-time implementation of changes.

Operational risk and loss of time are considerably reduced thanks to a seamless communication with media partners guaranteed by:

  • Programmatic integrations via API
  • A customizable email notification tool to inform publishers in real-time of any changes
  • An advanced dashboard

  • A sophisticated reporting engine allowing to generate cross-parameter reports with a refined level of granularity

  • A graphical analysis tool

  • A database of all activity logs

Data Driven

The platform offers a combination of real-time analytical tools to help better understand crucial campaign indicators and make data-driven decisions


Adxperience’s DNA is performance & technology focusing on bringing ROI to all campaigns

  • Fraud detection system to avoid traffic waste

  • Publisher mapping tool to recommend media sources according to their historical performance

  • Proprietary optimization engine to maximize performance in real-time

360° Ad-Tech

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